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Membership of The Pearls is by application only unless you have been nominated by your organisation to join.

We appreciate that every organisation has a different structure and set of job titles, so to ensure we get the right people, membership usually consists of the followings levels: Associates, Buying Manager, Retail Director, HR Manager, Technical Director or those on a fast track leadership development programme. If you are unsure whether you meet this criteria, please e-mail Laura Molyneux at or call 0113 320 0428.

The information you provide on this form feeds directly through to your online Profile. Once you have been formally accepted, this information will be available for all Pearls to see, and allows you to get to know each other and to profile yourself in a positive way. We've designed this form and the profile page to make you think about who you really are, what you really do and what you want to achieve. People often surprise themselves by how good they are when they write it down, but don't be too surprised by what you write because it is who you are!

All fields with a * are mandatory. Please also ensure you complete the spam filter box at the bottom of the form to ensure your form is successfully submitted.

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Thank you for completing the first stage of your membership registration. In order to finalise your membership, you are required to complete your Professional Development Appraisal. You will be forwarded the link to this via email. PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to process your membership until this has been completed.